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The company personnel in line with more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing rubber, was established in 2004, manufacture of rubber products manufactured in order customized products as the main force, standardized products for the power, in product development and manufacturing, have followed the customer development focus as a priority consideration, so that our customers in the use, easy to assemble and can maximize the effectiveness of the function, the choice of materials is also the success of customers in product development a major focus, so the company will have to provide timely and customers are advised to use the environment to select the appropriate material, in case the client fails to take high-priced products for maximum effectiveness, build customer expensive products are not the best, choose the most suitable material will not waste money concept currently main products are: 1. customization of packing (packing) 2.V-SEAL V-rING U-rING (V-ring) 3.O-rING X-rING (O-rings and X-rings) 4 .WASHER gASKET (washer washer) 5.BOOT BELLOW CAP (dust cover, dust cover) rubber 6. other special purpose (baths, ..)